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CarrierCentral.com offers shippers and carriers more than just a load board. The CarrierCentral system offers FREE load posting and truck searching for shippers including bulk upload for loads and trucks. For carriers CarrierCentral offers competitive rates for load board access and features a searchable carrier directory with a professional profile for your company. CarrierCentral allows trucking companies and owner operators to advertise their services and empty trucks to shippers while benefiting from a traditional load board and freight matching service.

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500 Knots is a leader in professional directories and niche job portals. Our flagship site, www.FindAPilot.com, was created in 1997 as a searchable directory and job portal for Professional Pilots. Seeing a need for a similar service in the trucking industry, we are pleased to add our latest professional directory and load board Carrier Central. For more information on 500 Knots and the 500 Knots Website Network, please click here.

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